Post 13 – Noizio

On one particularly noisy day at work, a colleague suggested an app called Noizio. The app is available for Mac and iPhone. It has a selection of music/sounds that will help tune out the noise around and yet it does not distract you from your work. This app works well for me because I cannot work while listening to music. I find it very hard to concentrate. I usually listen to piano music but after a while it can give me a headache.

This app offers sounds like October Rain, Thunderstorms, coffee shop, deep space, in the train, in the farm etc. My favorites include October Rain and Thunderstorm because they remind me of home and the monsoon. So whenever I turn on this app, one of them is always enabled. The app lets you enable multiple sounds at once and also adjust the level of each sound. It is a pretty cool app and the UI is nice and simple as well.

I don’t use it everyday because I am not a big fan of headphones. They are never comfortable and they hurt after a few hours.  But when it does get extremely noisy, this app can save the day.

[P.S: Deep space option is quite scary though. I never turn it on :D].

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