Post #14

What shall I write? I have been sitting here, for what I think has been fifteen minutes, thinking of things to write about. But, it has only been five minutes plus a few wikipedia reads (for inspiration). It is so easy to get succumbed into the web of wikipedia research. One starts with a topic or person of interest, and a claim that needs verification. I started with “Is the lady who played Michael Scott’s real estate agent in one episode of The Office, Steve Carell’s wife?”

I open Steve Carell’s page, do a bit of reading, move to his wife’s page, (the real estate lady IS in fact his wife), read about her, her filmography, go back to Steve Carell’s page and do an in depth research of his filmography. This involves reading up about each of his films, his characters, his statements, award, and somehow end up at Writer’s Guild of America page. I backtrack and then start reading up again, and in a few minutes I am on Amy Ryan’s page, the lady who played Holly in The Office. I should have stopped when I found what I was looking for, but I didn’t. In the process, I found something to write about.

This (getting entangled in wiki research web) happens to a lot of people. Aziz Ansari has mentioned it in one of his standup routines. That reminds me, I need to watch the rest of the episodes of Master of None. I have enjoyed watching it so far and I plan to read his book, Modern Romance, as well. The first time I watched one of his specials on Netflix, I didn’t find him funny. I couldn’t complete watching that special because I found it extremely boring. I started watching Master of None expecting to hate it, but I enjoyed it, surprisingly! I should go watch that first special again to see if I find it funny this time around.  Sometimes, you need to give things a second chance.

I started with not knowing what to write and ended up writing so much. Thanks to my wikipedia research!

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