Day 1 – Show up every day

Going to start with a few assorted links to blogs that have inspired me to write every day.
Collectivitea: I have been following this blog for a few years. I have watched it grow from a simple blog managed by one person to a website and a store. The author has mentioned multiple times about how just by showing up every day she has been able to successfully grow the blog and the readership. Kaccha Aam is my attempt in trying to show up every day. Other blogs that run on a similar theme of writing every day are:
Seth Godin’s blog
Marginal Revolution

All these blogs, I read them occasionally. But they are all sources of inspiration because if Seth Godin and Tyler Cowen can find time to write a little something every day then so can everyone else.

I also write at Urban Chaos, where I publish after spending a lot of time editing the articles. I want Kaccha Aam to be a place where I write something quick and hit publish before thinking too much. This is not the place to improve or showcase my creativity. It is for me to start a habit and to maintain it with discipline.

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