Day 2 – Jane Austen, Blogs and Dictionaries

I am reading Sense and Sensibility. I watched Pride and Prejudice (the movie) last weekend. Loved the movie but since there was so much more in the book that was not shown in the movie I ended up reading the last few chapters again. I then decided to read other Jane Austen books since Pride and Prejudice is the only one I’ve read so far. This morning when I started this post I felt that the book was slow. Almost felt like I was struggling through it. I was 30% done then. I am 60% done now and I can’t wait to get back to reading it. The story moves at a relaxed pace in the first half of the book but has gotten really interesting since I hit the 50% mark. I really want to try and finish it today. 

I always had a couple of dictionaries on my study table as a kid. Like every other kid, I was willing to do everything else except studying when I had an exam coming up. Sometimes, I would pick a dictionary and skim through the pages, learning new words along the way. Now, I skim through Instagram when I want to avoid doing work.

Read this today. Haathi Time is one of my favorite blogs. Have been reading it for almost four years now, I think. I love her writing and I can relate to so many of the things she talks about. Here is something that resonated with me. Among my own, I am very comfortable the way I am. But when I have to meet someone outside of my select group, I get very conscious. Every little imperfection on my face and in my clothing is magnified. Here is what she has to say

I’ll admit it had everything to do with who I was going to meet, and where I was suddenly going to be — unarmed and steadfastly myself — a fish out of water in a sea of preened and primped women. But even so, it’s baffling how disarmingly simple and quick it is to slip from the cushy comforts of a carefully cultivated self-assuredness, to the depths of self-loathing. How ridiculously heavy a burden this need for acceptance and validation, packed away in a watertight box labeled beauty, is. How deep this notion of self-worth attached to what I look on the outside, runs. How utterly nonsensical that I have to waste precious waking moments thinking about it, side stepping my intuition, second guessing my confidence and tripping up on it so often.

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