Day 5 – Teju Cole


I started reading Every Day is for a Thief by Teju Cole. Reading one of his books has been on my list for a while. But I never got down to it. I have read his articles before and I know I like his writing style a lot. But this book is at a whole other level. I am only 50% done. His writing draws you in, even if you are reluctant and within a few pages you are engrossed in reading about his journey through Lagos, Nigeria. Here are some of the highlights:

The carpet is dirty, of the indeterminate color shared by all carpets in public places.

It is as though there is the idea that a national museum is a good thing to have , but no one has the interest or ability to present it properly .

Outside , the airport looks finer , more regal than it did on approach . The entrances are clogged with passengers ’ relatives and , in far greater number , touts , hustlers , and all sorts of people who are there because they have nowhere else to be .

I want to take the day off today and just read this book.


I finished reading this book and I loved it! 4/5. I might have to read the last chapter again but thoroughly loved every bit of this book.

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