My speaker plays a song
From the ‘Heart in the Rainbow’ playlist
Silver Lining slowly permeates
Through the silence surrounding me.

I stare out the window
Evaluating all my bad choices
The sun glaring down at me
The trees shaking their head, disappointed.

There is a quick fix
To take my mind off this
All I need to do is press
That colourful, square icon on my phone.

I open the app with all the pictures
Of beautifully captured moments and
Carefully curated snapshots
Of our otherwise imperfect lives.

An endless collection of eye candy
The scrolling never stops
When I have exhausted all that is in my feed
I can click Explore.

I pause, looking away
Staring out the window again
The sun is still out, the trees are swaying about
I try to remember what it was I was thinking before.

I can’t remember
But there remains a dull ache
A slight sadness
In the back of my head as I go back to my phone.

Disconnected – A Poem

Celebrating world poetry day with something I wrote this morning. There was an outage in our neighborhood and as a result, we had no WiFi for 3 entire days. I actually ended up reading a really good book, but life is hard with no Internet. Life is hard…
Anyway, here is the poem.
I stare at my router
Trying to make sense
Of the LEDs
Some flashing, others
Solid on or
The service LED remains off
Indicating it has given up
On getting an IP address
Leaving me disconnected
To the world outside.
IOT devices
At home
Dead without this service
No streaming, no social media
no voice assistant
No life.
I restart
I reset
Even though it makes no difference
“It’s an outage
May take awhile”
– They say
I continue
Disconnected and isolated
I remain unaware
Of all that is happening
And all that is trending

Post 32 – Symphony In The Woods (Poem)

I went to watch a concert in the woods today. The music was lovely  and I had a great time. This is something I wrote during the concert.

Hot summer afternoon
The breeze, soft and scarce
Amidst the trees
On the wet grass
Sunglasses, hot and burning
Like my cheeks
Waiting for the sun to go down
The other side of the trees.

The music falls and rises
With the breeze
The drop of sweat that was trickling
down the forehead
Stops and begins
A slow dance down
The side of my head
As if dancing to the music
Slow here, flat there
And then falling sharply
Like the symphony.

Post 28: On Waking Up – A Poem

(I found this poem when I was flipping through my journal. I had completely forgotten about it. It is not often that I like an old poem. Because I did not flinch while I read this one, I decided to post it here. That does not imply that this is my best poem so far. It is not. It is one of the nicer ones. )

I did not… wake up.

I was awake
Of my decision
to stay in bed.

Was it the temperature
Was it the warmth
That the blanket provided?
Was it just my laziness?

Or even worse, have I not
convinced myself
Of the importance
Of waking up

Post 27 – Perspective

(This is Perspective, a poem I wrote while I sat by the window watching the traffic outside. It may not be much of a poem; let’s call it deconstructed prose.
I am not very happy with how it turned out. It sounded much better in my head, like most poems. I liked the idea, so I decided to post it anyway.)
In a box
Made of glass
I hear nothing except
my breathing
Nothing else.
I watch the world outside
The cars and the trees
I can see them moving
I hear no sound.
Like a movie
With no background score
You don’t know what this scene is
Is it happy,
scary, sad, or romantic.
You hum the tunes you want
The scene changes
The same scene
But a different tune
And you have-
comedy, drama, romance,
or thriller.
It depends on you
On what you hum
to the goings-on around you.
it is all perspective.

Post #16 – On The Freeway (Poem)

I smiled at my reflection
In the side mirror
Of our car.

The girl in the mirror
Did not  return the smile
She seemed lost
With lips,
Reluctant to curve

I glanced away looking
At others in their cars
Some passing by,
Others we left behind
Each one forlorn
And lost
Eyes on the road
Hands on the wheel
Empty cars
On black roads
Under grey skies.

There were no honks
Or angry waving fists
No cows, pedestrians
There was no noise
Except the hum of rubber wheels
On tar
Rotating endlessly.

Post #9: Foot in Mouth – A poem

I thought of writing a poem today. But I am not very good at writing poems on demand. It is usually solitude and melancholy that inspires me to write poems. When the words flow, they really flow. But on days like today, words are hard to find. Yet, I tried. Here is my poem for today:

Foot in Mouth

Words have taken form
I string them
Into sentences
I run them over, in my head
switching words, moving it along
till it sounds right,
And perfect.

I let it out
This string of words
that seemed right
in the confines of my brain
Now in the wild
It feels wrong:
the tone,
the words
that’s not what I meant
That’s not what I said.

Give me another chance
Another attempt
Let me weave another string
To tell you…
what I really meant.


A Full Life

In order to live life
To the fullest
We go in search
Of people and places
Comparing scenes from our lives
To ideals in sitcoms,
social media.

At every juncture
We shake out heads
“This was not the scene”.
Unsatisfied we continue
Our search
For it all never matches
Our life not full enough
Forgetting that perhaps
In the eyes of someone else
Confined to their rooms or house
We may be living a full life.