Shoebox – I

*dusts cobwebs* I wanted to share a few articles that I've read recently. Mostly because I wanted to put them in one place (shoebox) and treasure them. Some random thoughts and articles on feminism America Made Me a Feminist: I had told a friend once, maybe 8 years ago, that I considered myself to be … Continue reading Shoebox – I

German city uses hydrophobic paint to splash public urinators with pee – ScienceAlert

I came across this article today. I think we need this in India. Public urinators are a menace and the whole thing is so unhygenic and awkward. But would such a paint discourage people from urinating in public or would they just find a way around it? Stand with legs wide apart maybe. But is … Continue reading German city uses hydrophobic paint to splash public urinators with pee – ScienceAlert

Why I write.

I walk the lonely street, an errand to run. A short walk to the grocer's, but so many moments and pictures waiting to be taken. So many sounds that I want to capture: the conversation between a boy and his grandma, barks and yelps, loud TV shows, the breeze, leaves on the street, a distant … Continue reading Why I write.

On Anne Hathaway

While browsing through zite today, I came across this lovely piece in The New Yorker about Anne Hathaway and why she is hated for everything that she is. The writer, Sasha Weiss, has written in an absolutely delightful way on how Anne doesn't get the credit that she deserves because she doesn't fall in one of … Continue reading On Anne Hathaway