You take me to the place And declare, "We are here". "This, here, is the monument We came to see". "Capture this I shall stand by it And then you Shall do the same And then we shall leave There are other places to see". A check mark We Strike it off a list We … Continue reading Sightseeing


Dear lovely readers, I have some exciting news. I started a newsletter a couple of weeks back. Every week I send out an email about books, movies, TV shows, recipes and other little things. Two postcards are out already! Only some postcards will be available at the archive. Subscribe so you don't miss out on … Continue reading Newsletter


My speaker plays a song From the 'Heart in the Rainbow' playlist Silver Lining slowly permeates Through the silence surrounding me. I stare out the window Evaluating all my bad choices The sun glaring down at me The trees shaking their head, disappointed. There is a quick fix To take my mind off this All … Continue reading Instagram