New tidings

It has been a week since I set up a new home in a new city. Surprisingly the week was a good one. I had been apprehensive before I moved, about whether I will be able to take up the new responsibility and what if I will feel homesick. But I worried for no reason. … Continue reading New tidings


We are a pair You and I. We belong together A set A couple. Why then this distance I cannot see you from where I am We are so alike. yet different, Mirror images I complete you and you me, We go together. Without you there is no me. And without me will you stay … Continue reading Doori

Book love.

I love stationery. I got myself a notebook today. And a pen. But I want some more. Pens - Black, red, green. I want to spend more time in a bookstore. Take in the smell of fresh new books. Gaze at shelves stocked with stationery. Drool and sigh. I shall go there again tomorrow. Today … Continue reading Book love.

I knew you would come

Conversations Unfinished You left, angry While I waited my coffee, to finish I thought you would come back. But It snowed where you sat. I sat alone Cold Without you to keep me warm. Till you came back Smiling, To take me home.