Suddenly everyone is a photographer. All of them have a tool - SLR, DSLR, point and shoot, their phone even. And they click and click. They edit it. They Instagram it, Photoshop it. Nouns are now verbs. And social media is cluttered with images of flowers and cows and roads and clouds, sepia, black and … Continue reading Photograph.

Why I write.

I walk the lonely street, an errand to run. A short walk to the grocer's, but so many moments and pictures waiting to be taken. So many sounds that I want to capture: the conversation between a boy and his grandma, barks and yelps, loud TV shows, the breeze, leaves on the street, a distant … Continue reading Why I write.


Intricate carving Attracts me Calls me closer The gentle surface of my palm feels the curves and bends, the shapes on stone. My feet used to tiles and carpets: spoilt, relaxes against the cold and rough stone. It brings me peace, this place: a temple long forgotten holding stories all carved in stone. The pillars … Continue reading Lepakshi