A Full Life

In order to live life To the fullest We go in search Of people and places Comparing scenes from our lives To ideals in sitcoms, social media. At every juncture We shake out heads "This was not the scene". Unsatisfied we continue Our search For it all never matches Our life not full enough Forgetting … Continue reading A Full Life

I Am

I am My childhood The experiences The people The books The school. I am My hometown The culture The festivals The wildlife And society. I am The composite Of all that I read, Saw heard and learnt. I am The sum Of all these years.


7AM Driving through the fog I try to capture it But the beauty always escapes The camera lens And reaches my eyes. The camera only sees trees And mountains My eyes: they see everything. Mountains resting under a green carpet Yellow patches here and there Like the sun is gently prodding the mountains awake The … Continue reading 7AM

8 AM Class

He rambles endlessly After every pause for breath A little light glows within me Maybe this is the end? But he continues The whiteboard full of words and numbers So many concepts So much to absorb. It all looks weird to me Like an abstract painting I can make no sense of it A lot … Continue reading 8 AM Class