I was six I needed a bedtime story every day. Stories of crows and sparrows Kings and queens Dynasties Right and wrong. I went to sleep My imagination running wild Dreaming of another world Another kingdom With wonder in my eyes. Will you read me a story tonight?

Catch time

I try I want To be perfect To make everyone Happy. It is impossible Tiresome And mostly Conflicting With my own needs. Balance is what I need Also, multiple hands And being at multiple places At once. Give me a magic carpet Give me a clock A slower clock Which runs longer than Four and … Continue reading Catch time


A vicious cycle There is no end. Floors get dirty Laundry piles up The sink is never empty It's a vicious cycle There is no end. Get it all done And let out a sigh Only to find That there is more to be done.


In the quiet of the night You are Ubiquitous. You are The night. When your time is up You recede and shrink Into crevices snd holes Into unlit rooms Hiding And waiting To rush out again And rule the night.

Another step

Tomorrow it starts Another phase A different journey Where time falls short And candles burn Endlessly. Tomorrow it ends This phase of wandering free Without routine or plans. Today I must prepare For this transition.

Thought catcher

Those last few moments Just before sleep Has taken over your world, Those last few moments Sometimes hold Thoughts As precious as gold. Snatch them then And keep them safe Lest they slip away. Then if sleep Like an angry wife Turns her back on you Sit up straight and think some more Till sleep … Continue reading Thought catcher


I couldn't recognize her When she smiled at me, I stared. Questions in my head Did I know her? Then it struck me That twinkle in her eyes I had a different image in my head A picture from five years ago Jet black hair and wrinkle free skin Younger. And her she was Streaks … Continue reading Older